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Caliber Conversion Kit

XL 650 
Caliber Conversion

Dillon's Pistol DIE SETS

The RL 550B Caliber conversion kit allows you to load various calibers on the same machine




Handgun Calibers
.38 Super / 9mm # 20127
.38/.357/Mag./Max. # 20132
10mm/40 S&W # 20179
Rifle Calibers
.223 Remington # 20128
.30 M1 Carbine # 20131
300 Winchester Magnun  # 20188
.30-30 Winchester # 20139
.308 Winchester / 7.62 NATO # 20130
.30-06 Springfield # 20130
.45-70 Gov't

# 20143

7.62 x 39 Russian

# 20213

7mm Remington Magnun

# 20140

Handgun Calibers

9mm/.38 Super

# 21109

.40 S&W

# 21120

.45 Acp

# 21071


Handgun Calibers
10mm/.40 S&W # 14398
.38 Super # 14399
.38/.357 # 14400

# 14404

9mm # 14406






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550B Spare Parts Kit
Part #20048
550B Toolhead
XL650 Spare Parts Kit
Part #21146
XL650 Toolhead
Part #13863



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Primer Flip Tray
Part# 13606
Primer Pick Up Tubes
Part# 20049 Small
Part# 20050 Large
Part# 20056
Bullet Tray Kit
Part# 22214
Quick Change
550B Part# 22058
XL650 Part# 22059

A heavy, hi-quality tray large enough for the new Federal primer package

Used to transfer primers from flip tray to priming system

The tray works on the Square Deal B, the RL 550B and XL 650 when equipped with the RL 550/XL 650 Strong Mount, and a separate kit is available for the RL 1050. 







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Low Powder Sensor
Part# 16303 
Powder Check
Part# 21044

Accessory Roller Handle
Part# 17953 Aluminum 
Part# 22183 Plastic


It provides an audible and visual reminder when it's time to refill your powder reservoir

The XL 650 Powder Check is designed to catch over- or under-thrown powder charges before the cartridge is sealed

Accessory Roller Handle  




Eliminator Loading Scale
Part# 13480
D-Terminator Electronic Scale Part# 10483 D-Terminator Electronic Scale Part# 13681

This precision instrument eliminates the guesswork by a simple triple-poise balance beam. Easy to use for the novice; precision accuracy for the professional.

  • 900 grain/57 gram capacity
  • Accurate to within 0.1 grain/ 0.01gram
  • Uses 4 AA batteries (included)
  • Comes with its own AC adapter
  • Scale check weight included

D-Terminator Electronic Scale

-1200 grain/75 gram capacity 
-Uses one 9 volt battery (included)
-Comes with its own AC adapter
-Scale check weight included
The scale weighs in grains or grams and at 1200 grains, has the largest capacity available in a powder scale

terminator-s.gif (11835 bytes)




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XL 650 
Casefeed Assembly

XL 650 
Casefeed Plate
Case Cleaner / Tumbler
Part# 20493
 Case Cleaner /Tumbler
Part# 21027

Specify large pistol, small pistol, large rifle or small rifle.

Large Pistol Part# 21072
Large Rifle Part# 21075
Small Pistol Part# 21073
Small Rifle Part# 21074

If you already have a Casefeed Assembly, just change the casefeed plate to change between small and large, rifle and pistol.

XL 650 Casefeed Plate

Dillon's CV-2001 Vibratory Case Cleaner is the largest in the industry. Its 12-1/2 quart bowl capacity will allow you to polish up to 1,300 .38/.357 or 550 .30-06 cases per hour.

CV-2001 Vibratory Case Cleaner

Dillon's new CV-500 Vibratory Case Cleaner is perfect for reloaders with limited space.



CM-2000 Large Case Media Separator
Part # 20675
CM-500 Small Case Media Separator
Part # 21045


After we sold thousands of our famous first-generation FL-2000 case cleaners, customers who had purchased them began asking us to address the problem of separating the cleaned and polished brass from the cleaning media.
We knew from the beginning that the simplest method of separating would be a rotating squirrel cage, but we had to find a design we could manufacture economically. Our problem was that it had to be BIG -- big enough to handle the entire load of the FL-2000-series case cleaners.
The solution was an injection molded reversible part. Simple, and it works great. The CM-2000 Case/Media Separator is large, 10" x 14", and will hold more than 1,600 .38 Special cases. It sits on a large media collection tub that measures 18" x 22". The tub keeps the mess off the floor and bench. It's fast -- so fast it will remove media from 1500 rounds of .223 brass in a matter of seconds.
The CM-500 Case/Media Separator is scaled down in size and designed to handle the load of a CV-500 Case Cleaner. This piece of equipment are every bit as tough as its full-sized counterpart. We used the same materials in its construction and designed it to work just as hard -- and do it in a more compact area!






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Dillon's Ammo Bag
Part# 13755

Dillon's Range Bags
Assorted Colors:

How Does it Work?
Simple, just fill one compartment with your favorite loads and head for the range. As you shoot, put all your empties in the other compartment. When you're finished shooting all the empty brass is in one place ready to be cleaned and reloaded.

Overall Bag - 15.5" x 10" x 13.5"
Outside Pockets - 13" x 9" x 2.5"
Inside Compartment - 15" x 9" x 7"
Inside Pockets - 7" x 8.5" x 2.5"

Black Part # 16509
Green Part # 17962
Dillon Blue Part # 14388
Burgundy Part # 17963






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Machine Cover

This great looking packcloth nylon cover adds class and security to your loading bench. Comes equipped with a D-Ring, allowing the heavy duty zipper to be locked

550B & SD 
Part# 13795

Part# 10443
SL 900 & RL 1050 
Part# 13239