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Check out the advanced features of the POCKET PRO 2.  

* Review four shot at a time with shot numbers, times & splits. 

* 3 types of main screens selectable

    A) Old Pocket Pro emulation (single number & battery indication).

    B) Shot time with shot number, split, 1st shot time, start delay type, time, date & battery condition.

    C) Rounds per minute with number of shots, split, 1st shot time, start delay type, time, date & battery condition 

 * Set shot dead time to eliminate echoes.

 *  Digital shot sensitivity adjustment.

  * Random start delay minimum and maximums are settable between .5 & 9.9 seconds. Default is minimum

    1 second and maximum of 4 seconds per USPSA. Setting min. and max. the same gives a fixed start delay.

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  • Small Size
  • Low cost
  • Operates the same as a Pro Timer III.
  • Ergonomic design-Start button on side so right or left hand doesn't cover microphone or buzzer.
  • Saves batteries with automatic power down after 10 minutes of non-use.
  • Non-Confusing large display with .4" no's. Displays time to 199.99 for long Cowboy Action stages.
  • Clothes Pin type belt clip for easy on/off.
  • Now with adjustable sensitivity for light Cowboy Action loads.
  • Review, Split time, Par time standard.
  • Switch selectable instant/random delayed start.
  • Official Timer for 1997/8 Winter Range and End of Trail Cowboy matches.
  • Quality and Dependability of a Competition Electronics product.

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The ProTimer IV Super has just obsoleted all other timers. Time is only half the data needed to find out who won. You must have your score divided by time to get your HIT FACTOR. With the ProTimer IV Super, you enter your maximum stage points once. You then only need to enter your points down to get your HIT FACTOR. Nothing could be simpler. Now your can compare your final score (HIT FACTOR) with your shooting buddy to find out who is really the best. It is also great for club matches since the final stage score is computed instantly. Now with 3 modes of operation.
  • Simplified Mode - Displays time, shot no, split time, start delay, par time & par no for Club Matches.
  • Standard Mode - Displays time, shot no, split time, review time, review shot no & review split time for individual practice.
  • Extended Mode - Same as standard mode plus runs multiple par times for cadence practice.

Other features:

  • Automatic power down after 10 minutes of non use.
  • Automatic power down memory of up to 6 par times
  • Printer driver for printout of shot time, shot no, split time, Hit Factor, stage points and points down.
  • Selection of instant, random or settable fixed start delay.
  • Plate input jack
  • Remote start jack
  • Relay driver jack
  • Shot sensing sensitivity adjustment
  • Horn on/off switch


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The hottest chronograph on the market. It features a HUGE shooting area...Twice as large as any comparably priced chono. The Prochrono Plus displays: number of shots, average shot velocity, with 50 shot review and statistical data. It has an HP printer interface, remote control jack, and a 2-Year warranty.


  • Shooting area TWICE as large as comparably priced chronographs
  • Review of 50 shots
  • 50 shot power down memory (review at home)
  • Hi velocity
  • Lo velocity
  • Extreme spread
  • Standard deviation
  • No of shots
  • Average velocity
  • Delete current velocity
  • Printer interface
  • Remote control jack
  • Metric/FPS selectable
  • Durable plastic diffusers
  • Indoor lighting setup:
    lighting setup required for indoor use.
  • Remote control: extends side control button 20 feet.
  • Infrared thermal printer:
    prints statistics and shot velocities.
  • Printer holder: holds printer on side of ProChrono
  • Extra Diffusers: for bright sunny days. Includes 4 wire aiming guides.
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  • Velocity range: 56-9,999 feet per second
  • Temperature range: 32-100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Size: 16x4x3 1/4 inches
  • Power requirements: One 9 volt alkaline battery (not included)
  • Mounting hole thread: 1/4x20 inches
  • Guide wire size: 3/16x16 inches


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prochr+_red.gif (5851 bytes) Digital   Accessories

ProChrono Indoor Set-Up
  • Compatable with the Digital remote and ProChrono Plus.
  • Get an instant printout of shot velocities and statistics with this hand held printer.
  • Powered by 4AA batteries
    (4AA and 1 roll paper included)

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Additional Diffusers And Guide Rods                                                                                       Out of Stock $7.50

Optional Remote Control  

  • Works With the ProChrono Digital.

  • Extend the control buttons to your bench (20ft cable included).

  • Dowload all shot velocity and statistics to your PC using HyperTerminal® in Windows.

  • Infrared output for the optional HP printer. Get a real-time printout at the bench.

  • Powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery(not included).

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