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1911 Style Barstock Slides any Caliber


CAS5.jpg (21171 bytes) Many extra options available on 1911 Slides: Flat top, Bo-Mar BMCS / Caspian Sight Cut, Novak Sight Cut,   Front Cocking Serrations, No-Radius Cut
( Block Slides for Limited Class ), Reverse Spring Plug Cut, Cut for  Hybrid Barrels, Custom Engraving (Port Side)


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Glock Slides in Stock
Model 23    $159.00

Glock S/S Slides $179.00

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Glock Perfection ?     Sorry...There is not perfection without a Caspian Slide on Top


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  Caspian Hybrid Mount


                                                               Competition Parts

Front Sight   $19.95   Ghost Rider Sight  $53.95

Hammer $22.95   Sear  $10.00    Disconnector $10.00


Complete Pin Set 11 pc.   $ 7.00  Grip Safety: Aluminum, Steel or S/S   $29.95 Conversion Kit Hi-Cap to 1911   $ 46.95

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antorcha.gif (8308 bytes)Damascus Slides Stainless Steel  antorcha.gif (8308 bytes)

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For those who appreciate the unique beauty and legendary strength of this ancient weapons material we proudly offer these fully machined works of art. Cut from forged billets on a custom basis, so allow 8 to 12 weeks delivery.

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