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The ARREDONDO HOLSTER with 100% locking knob
Innovation Continued...


$139.95  Part # AAC AHSO1

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• Security without levers.
• Unbreakable glass filled copolymer.
• Ball socket provides a wide range of adjustment.

Two Level System
        Level 1. Sit gun in holster (pre-lock) for fast draw.
Level 2. Push down to lock.
To draw from the locked position, snatch gun Quickly.





Safariland Platform for Open & Limited

 012 Holster Platform in Stock


Safariland PlatformSafariland Platforms


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CR Speed Holster Accessories

CR Speed Platforms

Platform replaces muzzle cup allowing use of Open and Limited guns, including long dust cover guns


Trigger bar significantly reduces friction when drawing $5.00
Includes belt spacer, mounting spacer, and 2 mounting spacer screws $8.00 CRS-SK

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Bianchi Hemisphere Accessories

Limited race kit replaces existing muzzle guard of the Open holster and converts it to a super-fast limited holster for 1911 & STI/SV (inc. long dust cover). Also allows holster to use 1.5" belt.



Designed to replace the muzzle guard on the Hemisphere holster. Guns with short compensators could require slight modification to the holster.

$29.00 BOP38

Used for the poly frames to reduce drag and increase drawing speed $7.50 TB-STI/SV

Used to reduce drag and increase drawing speed for 1911 pistols $7.50 TB-Improved

Allows holster to use Safariland belt $3.00


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Base Pads with Inserts


Para-Ordnance .38 Super to 22+1 and 40 S&W to 19+1, 45 ACP to +2, SV to 22+1, STI to 23+1

Insert Only


$ 4.50


$ 3.25

Spring Plate Insert: to lock standard base pads (STI/SV)

$ 3.25

         Color Pads with inserts $15.00 Base Pads
          Color Flat Pads with inserts $12.00 Flat Pads





Magazines Performance Packs



Accessories for Optima 2000

Optima 2000 Power Paks - Increases Intensity by 300%


Power Pak slide mount



Power Pak weaver mount



Hood Caddy
Belt mounted holder for Optima Hood/Cover

Installation service includes:
machining of slide, O2K-1 Power Pak mount and installation

Send your slide,OPTIMA 2000 with screws, two energizer 2032 batteries and check or money order in the amount of $110.00 (includes shipping). Average turnaround is one week.

New product will go to the thumb rest.

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Accessories for C-More


C-More Lens Cover
A unique lens cover to protect C-More lenses from dust, dirt and rain. Includes convenient belt clip.

$  9.50

C-More Knob

$  9.50

C-More Indicator Lever
Attaches to C-More knob, indicates on/off and intensity. Set screw & O-ring included.

$  9.50

C-More Dot Module Hood
Dot module hood (black, red or blue)


C-More Hood & Knob Combo
C-More Knob/Hood Combo CM-KNB-DMH (black,red,blue)






Accessories for HOLOsight


Reticle Cover
Specifically engineered lens cover protects lens from rain, sand and dust.

$ 9.50 Lens Cover




HOLOsight Hood
Reduces sun glare increasing brightness and clarity of dot

$ 9.50



Cover/Shield Combo








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Restricts mag to 10 rounds for use in IDPA


Caspian 38, insert only LTC38 $9.00
STI/SV 38, insert only LTIS38 $9.00
STI/SV 40, insert only LTIP40 $9.00
Para 38 - kit (insert, flat base pad) LTKP38 $19.00
Para 40 - kit (insert, flat base pad) LTKP40 $19.00
Para 45 - kit (insert, flat base pad) LTKP45 $19.00
STI/SV 38 - kit (insert, flat base pad) LTKS38 $19.00
STI/SV 40 - kit (insert, flat base pad) LTKS40 $19.00

Available in red, blue, purple, black and for all tube lengths - please specify when ordering.
Color & Tube Length: 






Arredondo Thumb Rests



Designed to mount on frame has screws holes at .750 centers (C-More pattern), includes two 5-40x.375 flat head screws.





Designed to mount on frame. This thumb rest has no screw holes and includes two 5-40x.375 flat head screws.


Designed to mount over a C-MORE or other mounts with C-MORE hole pattern. Includes two 5-40x.500 flat head screws.


Designed to mount over existing scope mounts. Does not have screw holes and includes two 5-40x.375 flat head screws.





  • Amazing muzzle control
  • Computer designed and model simulated for maximum efficiency.
  • Unique dwell area expels 99.9% of the gasses through the ports for maximum compensation.
  • Made from the best 4140 bar stock.
  • If not satisfied upon inspection, return it for full refund (less shipping)

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